WordPress Development – what a fun venture

Thanks to a couple of new customers, I have begun to develop in the WordPress environment. I must admit, I am quite impressed! I had looked at WordPress, Drupal and Joomla in a previous search for the ultimate CMS for my employer and none of them seemed to fill the needs properly. In one case (small winery), the WordPress environment definitely works well. Thanks to Jetpack, it ties well to your favorite social networks and generates SEO-friendly web pages.

Anyone who would like a recommendation for a Content Management System that is easy to set up, responsive and quite user friendly, that is definitely WordPress. While you are contemplating that recommendation, consider GoDaddy as the place to host it. I set this customer up with a year of hosting for less than $42 and have a sample site up and ready for approval on day 2. This means that we have an entire month to achieve perfection while the current host (at $25 per month) runs out.

As this new site is finalized and accepted, new information will be forthcoming. For any small business that may be interested in your own web site, Link Em Up can help. Our project information is at this site – LinkEmUp-WWWords, take a look at the details shown there. Whether your own personnel need support to get up and running, or you need someone to take the entire project to the finish, we are here for you!