Complete, Responsive Mobile App Design Using Visual Studio: Integrating MySQL Database Into Your Web Page

Kindle Paperback

This EBook is aimed at anyone interested in creating responsive, database connected, web apps with the visual development tools provided by Visual Studio.

  • The version used in this EBook is 2010 Professional and Net3.5, although the techniques and code will work well for the more current versions including “Express”
  • The database version is MySQL with additional references to MSSQL, or Transact SQL (T-SQL) if you prefer
  • This app makes use of Javascript functionality to provide the responsive capabilities to adapt to various formats
  • Using the approach which combines Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets you can create as many separate mobile, tablet, and desktop configurations as desired
  • The finished product at the end of this book is an app that allows mileage tracking along the Appalachian Trail and displays pictures and details corresponding to the current location

Upon completing this programming experience, you will be prepared to customize this code for any exercise program that your company may desire. The ability to see such scenery and details can enrich any exercise program and motivate all types of people.