Introverted – the Personality and Attitude

Introversion, the I in Myers-Briggs personality assessment, appears in half of the 16 different personality combinations. Are you an introvert? Modest? Shy? Would you prefer to sit in a room by yourself, avoiding the rest of the world? I have described myself as an “introverted programmer guy,” an INTJ personality. Although this is still accurate and we never truly abandon our true personality, I have combined some other personality traits which combine well to slide a little more into a more people-involved personality which could be classified as INFP.

Okay, we have a personality which includes a true, basic trait which we never fully abandon. Could that personality also be considered an attitude? I certainly believe so. An attitude of introversion results in a quite unproductive lifestyle. An attitude that leads to a withdrawal from regular societal interactions leads to unhealthy disavowal of friends, relatives and others. How often have you been asked to speak to a group about a subject? Did you prepare well and have a great plan prior to stepping up to the podium? How did it go?

I can certainly speak to the attitude of introversion coupled with a fear of public speaking. Whether in a college speech or local Sunday School class, the nerves kick in regardless of the amount of preparation. After going through some beginning generalities, the nerves will usually go away. The problem comes in when an individual committed to an introverted attitude never considers an opportunity to conquer that negative life approach.

Have you worked through the MBTI personality link above? If so, how did you do? You may have found that you are an introverted IT guy, as I am. You may have discovered that you are an extroverted salesman type. A true introvert will usually will not succeed as a salesman, which was proven by a brief career choice made by yours truly.

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