You Are The Potter’s Clay: Mold Your Spirit With a Study in Acts

This is volume 6 in the Potter’s Clay Bible Study series Kindle Paperback

The intended audience for this study includes teens and young adults who are embarking on a Bible Study for the purpose of personal spiritual growth. This is volume 6 in a series designed to enhance the individual’s knowledge and ability to join with God’s flock in grace and love. Throughout this “sectional” study you will experience a renewed understanding of various segments of scripture with an applicable meaning to life’s trials and questions by studying six sections of scripture in the book of Acts. We will cover the following chapters and subjects.

  • The Humanity of Jesus (Acts 6-7)
  • God Has Always Been There (Acts 7-8)
  • Things Are Not Always as They Appear (Acts 8)
  • Hunger for Complete Spiritual Guidance (Acts 8)
  • Obedience to God’s Words of Truth (Acts 26)
  • God Provided the Vessel (Acts 27)