Excel VBA

This is an Excel program utilizing VBA. The name is WalktheAT and it will show up again in a different format. The purpose is for a single person to track mileage walked, run, or ridden (for exercise, of course). At any point the “Where Am I” button can be clicked to display details about the mileage based on the position along the Appalachian Trail starting in GA and ending in ME. The VBA code uses the Location and LongLat pages to look up and recall this information and display it on the “Where Am I Today” box, shown lower right. It has additional code which decides if a picture is available and hides that button if there is not one associated with the location. Clicking “View Picture” will load the associated web page and display it in your web browser.
This is an illustration of the flexibility that we offer. This Excel program was written for the purpose of allowing a single person to track exercise progress. The process was modified and redesigned using C# and MySQL into a web page allowing logins and the same functionality for any number of users.
We want to provide this flexibility and functionality for your small business. Let us know how we can help by sending some details using the contact form on our home page.