Wisdom of Proverbs – Day 16

Read through Proverbs in 31 days, Today’s reading is entitled “Wisdom is Worth More Than Gold”


Read Proverbs 16 – Today’s point to ponder mentions the value of gold. In your opinion, what is the value of gold? I am sure that each person will answer this question based on his or her own education, financial standing and many other factors varying from individual to individual. If your childhood was spent in the financial district of New York or any of the larger cities, there is likely to be a valuation that agrees with many others and the scriptural meaning of the value of gold. People who grew up and reside in many underdeveloped parts of the world may not know what gold is or its value. It is these varying understandings that validate the different wordings and meanings of various interpretations of scripture. For instance, you may find that interpreters will compare wisdom to a family bond or the worth of livestock in order for the reader to truly understand the meaning.

How does this help to focus on the specific points for today? Let’s find out.

  • Plan whatever you desire, but always be willing to yield to God’s Will for absolute success.
  • The Lord detests the proud, punishment awaits them. Unfailing love and faithfulness of those who fear God will make atonement for their sins.
  • When your plans align with those of God, be sure to follow His steps. The Lord, in divine wisdom, demands accurate scales and fairness from His people.
  • The humble person will avoid pride and haughtiness while avoiding the fall of the evil one.
  • Kind words, like honey, are sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. The path that seems right, but contradicts God’s Word, ends in death.

We have another excellent consideration based on reactions to the pandemic of 2020. Consider the word “Panic.” Does this stir up some emotions in your mind? Now for the big question – are Christians subject to overreactions and sometimes panic? Your answer to this may be something like “of course not, we know that God is in charge of all things.” Although that is absolutely correct, your human mind which resides in a human body tends to respond from the human nature. We should not panic over all of the negativity generated by the world, but it is nearly impossible to remain completely shielded from it. This train of thought goes well with our points for today because we are called to make our own plans dependent on what we feel as God’s leading. We are also called to yield to His Will with unfailing love and faithfulness even when that Will conflicts with our own plans and desires.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation. You have won $1500 in a drawing that you had just suddenly decided to enter. That is viewed as a gift from God. That same day a letter is received from a local charity stating a need for $150. According to Old Testament scripture, you are supposed to give 10% of your income. Since this requested amount lines up perfectly with the amount that is supposed to be given, do you immediately sit down and send a check? Some may say that amount is to go into the church treasury while others may go as far as to give only their time and consider that enough. This story and the considerations that come along with it greatly illustrate the humble attitude of submission to God and His Will. In addition to money and time, our kind words should be given to others in need. A fellow Christian may be going through trials or someone you may not know at all may have asked for your feedback on a current situation. Always respond with words that are in line with scripture and God’s leading. You may not have an immediate answer, and that is fine, but be sure that any promises made for prayer or a call back are kept. As the saying goes, you may be the only Bible that some people “read.”

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