In a previous post about publishing through CreateSpace, I mentioned how easy it is to design a cover using their Cover Creator tool. The only problem that I have found is when you have a full-sized cover already designed, perhaps for an Ebook, and that has the book name and author name already blended in. You can hide many elements using their tool, but I could not find a template that would let me hide the title.
The next option was their cover template which gives you a pre-formatted template based on the number of pages in your document. The problem with using that is, because I am not a graphic designer, I do not have the proper tools to edit a PDF. That took this tool out of the running.
My fear of designing a complete PDF from scratch was quite unfounded. I, once again, used their helpful suggestions on formatting and calculating the spine size based on the number of pages. Using those calculations, I fired us MS Word, set the page size to the proper dimensions and the margins to .125″ all of the way around, and began my design. After placing the predesigned graphic on the right side (front cover) and sizing it properly, I then put a gradient text box in for the back cover and inserted the text and picture desired. Save as PDF, upload, and you are done.
Of course, I may find that minor adjustments are needed before final release. This will be easily discovered when proofing the complete book online with their Previewer tool. Two books in, and I am totally impressed with CreateSpace!
5/8/16 update – I have since published more than eight books through CreateSpace. I detailed the latest cover creation in CreateSpace cover, part 2