Wisdom of Proverbs – Day 15

Read through Proverbs in 31 days, Today’s reading is entitled “Hunger For Knowledge and Remain Happy in the Lord”


Read Proverbs 15 – Agitation, depression, panic, all of these are likely to describe the immediate reaction to an unanticipated situation. This is what is being pushed out to the world by the media machine that believes in no power higher than the web or printing press. For those hungering for a knowledge well beyond anything provided by social media or scientists, there is an ability to remain happy in the Lord. Do God’s people have an inside knowledge that a cure for aids will be discovered on May 21, 2021? Do they have some omniscient wisdom that has revealed that only 5 million people will be infected with Covid-19 and 5% of them will die? “Certainly not” is the answer to both of these questions, but God’s people are able to survive any situation that this world can create because we live in God’s peace and are guided by His omnipotent hand.

What are the ponderings that remind us how to remain happy in the Lord?

  • A gentle answer given in wise knowledge deflects anger, but the mouth of a fool belches out harsh words to make tempers flare. The Lord sees all – the gentle words of His good people and He hears the spewing of the wicked who are crushing His spirit.
  • Broken hearted mockers crush the spirit of correction, yet wise and happy people hunger for correction and knowledge.
  • A proper reply, the right thing at the right time, leads upward for the wise and leaves sheol behind.
  • The motive of greed is obvious by the words of the wicked, and the godly hate bribes and think carefully before speaking.
  • A cheerful look, good news, constructive criticism – all are at home in the life of those accepting wisdom. Wisdom, understanding humility and correction come from the Lord, yet those who reject these only harm themselves.

Remain happy in the Lord. Is this always an easy thing to do? Are you happy in (or with) the Lord when being told that your spouse is dying of cancer? When your child has been in a car accident? That is a question that needs to be deeply considered and answered by each person. I can certainly say that my attitude toward God has not always been positive. My belief in God has not always been as strong as I would like, but I can say that He has always been there for me. During the middle months of 2020, one singer with a highly popular Christian band admitted to the news media that he no longer believes in God. Some of the replies to him could have included phrases such as “that is blasphemy” and “you will burn in hell.” Those could be considered harsh words belched from the mouth of a fool, yet the responses received from other Christian artists were gentle, given in knowledge. It is likely that these words were uttered during a time of total despair, just like the words of the infamous Job. Remember, he lost everything during what seems to be a matter of mere hours. His livestock were slaughtered as were his children. Job had nothing left other than his wife and God. Although his wife and friends were not supportive, Job maintained his faith throughout these trying times and recanted of his doubtful statements. We can be sure that everyone has said things to God and felt abandoned at times, yet we can give them a proper reply which may very well be given directly by God for that individual. It is that wisdom and understanding humility that can make a difference in the lives of others. Ask for and follow God’s guidance every time it is needed. During those times that you may feel abandoned by Him, look to others for His words and support.

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