Wisdom of Proverbs – Day 14

Read through Proverbs in 31 days, Today’s reading is entitled “Flourish in Wisdom and Knowledge”


Read Proverbs 14 – We have all probably seen the movie “Forrest Gump” and heard his phrase “stupid is as stupid does.” That saying can have many meanings. On the surface, it is easy to understand it to mean that stupid people do stupid things. The fact to remember is that everyone has done some unwise things during a number of years here on earth. I am sure that we would all agree that as you have more years in the rearview mirror, you can see the number of unwise (maybe truly stupid) things that you have done. The most important point to take away from Proverbs, life and even movie characters like Forrest Gump is that these acts do not define your personality or belief system. God is always willing to forgive acts of indiscretion, as are parents and friends. Recognize mistakes, ask forgiveness, learn a lesson and move on with life. Part of learning from life is vowing not to allow the circumstances that led up to that unwise decision. If you haven’t seen the movie, there are many bits of wisdom to gain from Forrest and his adventures.

What are the learning points from today’s reading?

  • A false witness will breathe lies and never find the wisdom he seeks, while the honest and understanding will acquire the knowledge due them.
  • A heavy heart can be disguised behind laughter, but unresolved grief will remain. Proper reward is bestowed upon both the backslider and the godly person.
  • Blessed are those who help the poor, even though they are sinfully despised and belittled by their neighbors.
  • Mere talk, which can be the “work” of fools, brings only foolishness and poverty. A truthful witness, secure in the Lord, saves lives through his actions and efforts.
  • Those who fear the Lord tread in His life-giving fountain which offers refuge and escape from the snares of death.

Do you believe everything read on social media? Do you believe everything the doctors and scientists tell you? Have the “facts” presented by either of these sources ever turned out to be blatantly false? In the midst of the Coronavirus panic, North Carolina residents are being told to stay home for another five weeks to ride out “phase 2” while new evidence is reversing the beliefs that the virus can live on some surfaces for weeks. As continuing research opens up new revelations, scientific views will waver like a flag in the wind. If you are one of those “honest and understanding” who will acquire knowledge from the One True God, you know that His facts will not waver. God is the one true lighthouse that can stand up to any storm.

Do you know someone who has the ability to mask any feelings? This person may be able to laugh and behave normally while undergoing treatments for a terminal cancer. There can be two reasons for such an approach – a heavy heart or God’s comfort. I have known people who would come to church whenever possible and maintain a positive personality while planning to spend the afternoon in chemotherapy. These people would generally discuss the treatments and how things are going, but only if you asked. That afternoon they can be visited in the hospital with all of the machines and tubes, displaying the same personality as before. There is no explanation for this other than God’s comfort, strength and peace. Here is a question posed for deep personal reflection – do you help those who could be considered “poor” whenever you can? Have you been chastised for doing so? You may see a beggar who sits at the same intersection day after day. You finally decide to roll down the window and give a few bucks. Your passenger says “that will just go for cigarettes or alcohol, so why should you give money?” Although that statement may hold some element of truth, today’s reading says that you will be blessed for that simple act. On the positive side of that coin, the money that was given may have provided just enough to ward off starvation for another day. Yes, it is always possible that such a “small” act can save lives.

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