Wisdom of Proverbs – Day 1

Read through Proverbs in 31 days, Today’s reading is entitled “The Foundation of Knowledge and Wisdom” 


Read Proverbs 1 – Today we have read the 33 verses of chapter 1. Congratulations, you have completed the first day of your journey through the book of Proverbs. Before we get into the five ponderings pulled from chapter 1, take a few minutes to reflect on any specific wisdom that you may have noticed in these verses. Did you gain any new guidance from today’s scriptures? Let’s add even more to that experience.

Five points to ponder throughout the day:

  • Teach wisdom and discipline, understand the insights of the wise.
  • The foundation of knowledge is based on fear of God, but fools despise that knowledge.
  • When sinners entice you, turn from them.
  • Just like a bird will not fall into a trap it saw being set, you should be aware of the trappings of sin and not fall into them.
  • We are reminded, once again, that those who chose the path of wisdom and knowledge will live in peace without any fear of harm.

As we have noted so far, the main focus of the Book of Proverbs is to provide opportunities for growth in our lives. We should be disciplined in reading God’s Word daily, while using that wisdom to further our own peace with God. His presence will overflow into the lives of those around us as they see Christ through our actions and attitudes.

What is that about attitude? Well, have you ever snapped at someone in a drive through line or a salesperson in a department store? Later, your conscience kicked in and made you wish that you had not reacted in such a fashion. Welcome to humanity – we are not perfect, just forgiven. Although we have received the wisdom and guidance provided for us by Christ, we are still living on earth in human bodies and the accompanying fragile minds. As a matter of fact, the scripture reading today may have a completely different meaning and application in a few months due to the things happening in our lives.

We have looked at our own occasional misgivings and errors in attitude – how does that affect others? Today’s reading tells us that fools have the free will to despise wisdom and turn from God. Is that due to our own attitude and witness? Not really, since each person is responsible for his or her own decisions. Those in society today like to cast blame on someone or something else instead of accepting responsibility. This is an easy thing to do without a belief in God and the perfection of His Word. Once someone has accepted Him and begins to avoid the trappings of sin, the burden of individual responsibility is awakened. The new convert realizes the grand importance of the decision to follow Christ’s path of wisdom and knowledge.

Maybe you are a new convert or know someone who is. Has the path of life been easy to navigate since the decision to follow Christ? Are we guaranteed an easy road? For the answer to these questions, read Matthew 24:9. We are told that the world will hate us and deliver us into a time of tribulation. With these reactions expected from a decision for Christ, why should we do such a thing? Let’s turn to Philippians 4:6-7 for that answer. Basically, these two verses tell us to worry about nothing, but pray about everything. Regardless of what kind of storm you may be experiencing in life, remember that God is in charge and will not allow more than you can handle with a reliance on His guidance.

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