Low Twitter Retweets and Followers – Maybe You Are Not Active Enough

Do you suffer from low Twitter activity? Would you like to receive more retweets and followers?

Make a few simple changes by adding more posts of higher quality.

We all have experience with a “normal” social life. If you are an introvert, as I am, you will have only a few friends and the potential for new friends is limited because you do not make many real attempts to get out there to meet those new friends.

This same principle applies to social media, with the exception that you can increase activity and friends/followers from the safety zone and privacy of your own keyboard.

Recently, I was looking over my Facebook status using Twitonomy and decided to try to make some improvements. The first improvement was to remove/unfollow those who have not been active for the past six months who did not follow me. Next, I replaced those with users who had followed me and had the similar interests that I wanted to learn more about.

Have you received the notification that you have reached the Twitter follow limit of 2,000? Now it is time to “rinse and repeat.” You can return to Twitonomy and easily choose more to unfollow based on dis-similar interests, low activity, or even because they have no profile picture. In order to retain your own activity, be sure to replace many of those that you have disconnected from.

Do you have a goal to sit on the computer all day long and do nothing other than manage your social media accounts? If so, managing your follow list and actively posting tweets can consume your entire day. You could add to this the “job” of managing your Twitter lists and be sure to consume many hours of the day. Yes, correctly populated Twitter lists create an excellent pool of similar tweets to retweet to your followers.

Most of us have to work a real job in order to pay for our internet connection and the electricity to be able to have an active social media “life.” Hootsuite provides that capability and allows you to post while providing the necessities for yourself and your family. You can sign up for the free version and post up to ten time per day on up to three social media sites.

If you are active on Pinterest and want to get as much value as possible from your pins and repins, get the “Pin-it” button for your browser and be sure to check the “Post to Facebook” and/or “Post to Twitter” boxes. Utilizing this approach, you will get the most visibility from your activity on Pinterest.

If you are an active blogger, there is another suggestion that can help tremendously – post from your own web site hosted from a WordPress environment. Yes, that is my approach and I type one blog which goes out to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+. I will then create a post within Hootsuite which will point back to the blog and draw even more attention to it with every posting.

Do I believe that any of this advice is a guarantee of increased friends and followers? Not at all. “Computer guys” are generally also realists who live in a world with no guarantees. A few will work hard and create a truly successful business like Facebook (Zuckerberg and Saverin) or Microsoft (Gates) while millions of others will keep trying to find that magic formula. All of these “magic formulas” have a large number of components that have to be in perfect alignment to create success. Achieving success in social media is no different – keep trying different things until you find the perfect combination.