Wisdom of Proverbs – Day 28

Read through Proverbs in 31 days, Today’s reading is entitled “Justice Evades the Understanding of Evil People”


Read Proverbs 28 – Now we have an opportunity to apply the wisdom of proverbs to current events. At this moment, we are near the middle of 2020. There have been protests, riots and much destruction across the United States and the world. At least that is what the media would like for us to believe. My home is in a small town in NC which had a few peaceful protests with some of the groups ending in prayer. It is an absolute truth that justice evades the understanding of evil people; and it certainly seems that the evil people are the outspoken majority. We may allow the world to drive fear into our hearts, but we can overcome that fear by renewing our strength in an all-powerful God.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what Proverbs has to say about justice.

  • God strengthens those who believe in Him, while the wicked run away when they are tested.
  • A wise and believing nation will stand strong while a nation replete with moral rot will topple easily.
  • Admonish the youth to obey God’s Law instead of bringing shame to their parents by hanging out with wild friends.
  • Those who lead good people along an evil path will fall into their own trap while the honest people will receive good things.
  • A wicked king is as dangerous as a roaring lion, yet blessed is the ruler who hates corruption. The blameless will be protected and rescued, yet the murderer will receive no protection.

One of the premises that you may hear often will involve the belief that Proverbs is a description of the way things should be. For example, if you bring up your child in the way of the Lord he should return at some point. The principle of “spare the rod and spoil the child” has proven itself out over the last few decades although free will and determination still reigns in the minds of some of those “spoiled” children who have decided to repent of that mindset. One more thing concerning the way things should be is the idea that the wicked run away when they are tested. It seems that the wicked are becoming more bold and numerous as we move forward in time. It is times like these that seem to prove out the next point that a nation which has moral rot in abundance will be toppled.

Now we have to ask the question “Is there hope for the United States and the world in general?” As long as God is in charge, there is always a chance. As Christian believers, we have the power to turn the tide of me-centered immorality by raising our children and grandchildren to study and live God’s principles. They should receive encouragement from the Wisdom that honest people will receive good things. They should understand that the wisdom of that statement doesn’t guarantee a trouble-free life. One way to view this is that God is promising His people a bed of roses – along with the thorns. Let’s take a look at this final point using the mid-2020 current events while putting political leanings aside. It would certainly seem to the observant person that there are many personal power trips being disguised as the best interest of the public. There are also many alliances with certain sides and beliefs because they are the most outspoken at the moment. Justice and fairness are being discarded because there is a “right to equality” which is used to justify rewriting history and discarding the many lessons learned from the good and bad. We can look back now and see that Hitler and his book burnings were a terrible time in history and vow to never repeat such inhumanities, yet we are seeing similar accepted behavior on a much smaller scale. Will the world ever learn?

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