You can make this commitment!

Have you committed to, and completed, one-year reads through scripture? It is quite an accomplishment to read every word of the Bible in one year, taking time and effort along with a serious commitment. You can extend your commitment to studying and understanding God’s Word by slowing things down a bit and coupling those same words with commentaries and study helps over a three-year period. Yes, that is a three year read through the Bible.

To accomplish this feat, start with a schedule. You can choose a plan that lays out the reading for every day, such as The Moody Church offering. Another choice will schedule basically the same amount of reading on a weekly basis, as offered by Christian Answers. I chose the weekly schedule because of the flexibility allowed in reading. You have a certain amount to read every week and it is much easier to stay on task by reading more on specific days of the week.

Download a printable version of the Christian Answers reading schedule.