Why Are Taxes So High? Common Sense Could Save Taxpayers!

I don’t like the tendency to call people stupid, but this one definitely fits. While riding to work this past week, a thought occurred to me as I saw police cars and officers sitting at the road closed signs of various streets. If society were not too stupid to use common sense, maybe we could save taxpayers some money. How is that?

The road is flooded. Where there used to be a low-lying road, there is now a river due to a drenching hurricane. Our tax dollars have already paid the highway workers to come out, probably during the worst of the storm, to put out the road closed barriers. This makes some sense, I guess. Because there are some people who do not have enough sense to avoid this flooded road, our tax dollars have to pay police officers to stand at these signs and keep people out. Does this save taxpayers? Certainly not.

Come on, America, let’s use some common sense to save taxpayers a buck! Next time you hear on the news how much a storm cost the state, give that figure some thought. Estimate the overtime incurred by police officers to stand around and keep people out of flooded roads. Now subtract it from the actual figure and see how much that figure has decreased. It would also be nice to subtract the criminal element and know that stores would not be looted and people would all jump in and help neighbors to recover, but that is probably way too much to expect.

You don’t like high taxes? Exercise your vote to help fix the situation. If you don’t like corruption in government, it is your responsibility to participate in solving this problem. Both of these issues can be helped by voters. If you don’t like the two-party system, vote for the Independent candidate. Either way, vote for the candidate that best represents your beliefs.