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Scripture Reading Challenge – Read the entire Bible in a year

Attention all pastors!

I have encountered a pastor in the Greenville, NC area who has challenged his congregation to commit to a one-year read through the scriptures. When he mentioned this idea to me, I didn’t expect too much participation from his small congregation. We are over halfway into January and he has at least thirty people committed to a daily read of the Bible. I believe that means more than half of his people have made this commitment to God’s Word.

How many people do you know that manage to keep their New Year’s resolutions? If these thirty people have been reading for 21 days straight, they have either formed a habit or are very close to doing so. It is this process of getting into a routine, or habit, that will help to ensure a successful read from Genesis to Revelation in 365 days.

The Journey Along God’s Road To Revelation

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Those who have accepted the challenge have received my book, “The Journey Along God’s Road To Revelation” to guide them along the path to Revelation. Every day, the reader has a scripture reading accompanied with commentary and Scripture Study helps. Is there anything that sets this book apart from other scripture study guides? Well, it is written on a level that is easy to comprehend for any layman in God’s Word. The “begats” and “thous” are discussed just as if you were sitting in an informal Bible study group.

How does this benefit the reader? As Christians, we believe that the only way to know the scriptures is to “fix these words … in (y)our hearts.” Yes, there are false teachers out there. You know, those who will state a scripture, close the Bible, and then present their own word as if it were a revelation straight from God. When you have read, prayed, and understood God’s Word, you can discern the false prophets and turn from them, just as Jesus did to Satan when confronted in the wilderness.

A Little Extra Reference For Your Scripture Study Life

As a layman in God’s Word, you will be able to benefit greatly from the daily sections labeled with “SS.” These are additional Scripture Study questions and references designed to help you think and consider how the scriptures can be applied to improve your life. Jesus gave His life as the final blood sacrifice so that we may accept and follow Him in faith. Those who follow someone, or something, without knowledge are like the blind leading the blind. Jesus said, in Matthew 15, “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” Ensure that you have a thorough comprehension of the scriptures in order to avoid being “blind” to God’s Word.

All profits from the sale of this book go to the Free Will Baptist Children’s Home in Middlesex, NC. So, yes, you should buy my book to use as a guide for your reading journey from Genesis to Revelation. Should you choose to undertake a topical read without purchasing my book, I will provide a link, for free, to a daily topical reading guide.