The Journey Along God’s Road To Revelation – Study Guide Edition

“This book is an exhaustive work which takes issues in God’s Holy Word and breaks them down into tidbits of information most anyone can understand” – Keith Aycock, Christian Radio Announcer

“It will help you have a special time each day in the Word and a special time with the Lord” – Linda Herring, The Word Ministry

“It is an excellent resource for anyone committed to daily Bible study and reading through the Bible in one year” – Jim Lewis, Gideon’s International

“Each day takes you on a spiritual journey through the history and inspiration found in the Word of God” – Buddy Sasser, FWB Minister

This book is designed to encourage your Christian life through a daily reading of God’s Word coupled with a study-devotion and scripture study guides revolving around the scriptures that you have read. The reading approach is topical. There are seven days covering The Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, Gospels and Letters. As Linda Herring said (paraphrased), if you aren’t getting a whole lot out of today’s subject, you will move into something new tomorrow. I like this approach because it breaks up those hard, detailed books such as Daniel and Revelation into segments instead of working through it all at once.

Just like its predecessor, this book is available on the Kindle Ebook version in addition to standard and large print. Although revisions have been made and formatting has changed, pricing remains the same as the previous version.

If you have questions about this excellent study resource, email [email protected]