Improving Account Activity And ROI For Your Business

Have you noticed that the activity and revenue in your business may be getting lower?

We can help with a new web site or improvement of the site that you have. Our support includes all steps from beginning to end and beyond. We will:

  • Research and help you select the best domain name for search engine optimization and customer draw
  • Host your site for a single annual fee (multiple levels available depending on specific needs)
  • Design your site based on your own look-and-feel desires using pictures submitted or pulled from your social media accounts
  • Help you select the most appropriate WordPress theme for your type of business
  • Maintain the site for you, if desired, for a small regular fee

Do you have the skills or personnel available to take on any part of this process?

If so, we are glad to provide support and guidance while all desired steps are handled internally. Hourly charges of $45 per can be greatly reduced with in-house participation in the web creation process.

How can a well-designed web site coupled with search engine optimization benefit your bottom line?

Five measurable changes that can be gained from a well-designed website, or redesign, are:

  1. More visitors because they are better able to find your business through applicable search engine keywords
  2. Better site “stickiness” meaning that visitors will move through many pages gathering the needed information
  3. Visitors will be impressed enough to return often for more information gathering sessions
  4. Higher number of site visits will result in an increased number of leads and sales
  5. Better percentage of visitors converted into customers

Visit the homepage of Link Em Up LLC to view our approach to improving web presence

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