Highly Stressed Or Highly Blessed

That is the question

On my ride home yesterday this question kept going through my mind. Most people that you encounter during the day ask how you are doing. Sometimes you will hear the answer “blessed and highly favored.” For Christians, this is a highly accurate answer. Is it always the way we feel, though?

The response that was bouncing around is “highly stressed but blessed.” The emphasis on stress in today’s society is prevalent in many jobs. We are all under pressure to work faster and more efficiently in order to provide for ourselves and our families. Yes, most of us are highly stressed, but shouldn’t we move the emphasis to highly blessed?

If your focus is on the great things God has provided for you, it is easier to place the emphasis on how blessed your life happens to be. This focus helps to handle the ordinary stresses of life much better. You are more able to allow God’s light to shine through your life and share those blessings with others. Along the way, they are able to lead a less stressed lifestyle and pass it on to others.

Practice your response to the typical Southern question of “How are you?” Instead of “Fine, thanks,” be sure to shine Christ’s light with an honest answer. When you are having a stressful day, that answer could be “stressed and highly blessed” or something similar.